Brown Studio is used mainly for remixing, mastering, postproduction and as a special keyboard studio. It can be used as a control room for the rooms HELL for tracking.

The Studio works in stereo or surround formats. Pro Tools 8, 9, 10 HD3, OSX Mountain Lion,  16 IN/OUT . A&H ML 4000 console with 40 tube interfaces. Two original SSL 4000E channel strips.

SURROUND MIXING 5.1 ( calibrated) -Monitoring 5x ADAM A7, Subwoofer JBL

Stereo monitors : Studer Revox, B&W Matrix and Yamaha NS-10

3D mixing : 10.2

Tape recorders : Studer A800 Master and Fostex E16 ( NOS ).

Universal Audio UAD-2 plugins ( UA DUO card ) - Studer A800, Fairchilds, Ocean Way Studios, Lexicon 224, Pultec...

Keyboards : HAMMOND B3 with two LESLIE 122's and an effect loop for insert of signal processors, unique YAMAHA CP-80 grand piano, Fender Rhodes 88 with tremolo, Wurlitzer 200A piano, analog synthesizers : ARP 2600, MiniMOOG Voyager XL,  KORG MS-10, MS-20, KORG 710, Poly 800, Korg SQ, Roland JUNO 6 , JX3P, POLIVOKS (2x), Teremin tube vintage (2x)....

shared with studio BLUE and GREEN