Richard "Faust" Mader
- graduated and worked in the field of computer-based simulation of systems and analog signals analysis.
- founded his first band Perpetuum in 1970 after he came back from England, influenced mostly by Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and King Crimson.
- co-founded the alternative band COMBO FH in 1974. Till 1984 he played guitar there and co-composed songs. LP album "Veci" ("Things") Panton 1979, published under the licence of INDEPENDENT RECORDS (UK) and CBS France.
-  played more than 600 concerts, at Prague Jazz Days in Lucerna, Reduta, clubs, events organized by the Jazz Section. As a member of CFH he accompanied MARSYAS and YO-YO quartet (Tesarik brothers, Hejma, Kuzma i.e. Jindra Malik) and participated in several alternative music events and happenings together with other people from the czech independent scene (Richter, Chadima, Hejma, Plastic People ...)
- several singles published from this era (Panton, Indies Records) and many demo recordings
- in 1985 he left CFH because of its growing commercial and mainstream orientation and found the uncompromising URFAUST Band ( Mirka Krivankova voc., Pavel J. Ryba bass, Petr Venkrbec and Frantisek Svacina (both of them were the future members of the band Vltava).
From political reasons he could not cross the western border with a band until the end of the communistic regime.
- in 1991 he has begun building and developing the FAUST RECORDS studio and  the independent label FAUST RECORDS, an activity which still continues
- producer and guitarist of many blues, rock, alternative projects, with mostly foreign musicians - several projects with the New York-based guitarist Gary Lucas (ex. Cpt. Beefheart Magic Band, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, solo projects GOLEM, DRACULA..) and Pat Fulgoni UK - Kava Kava ). Some of the projects and live appearances are presented on youtube by Gary Lucas and Faust Records.
Related albums are The Blues (1992) , Faust And Margaret (1994), The Ghosts Of Prague (1996) and Free Flying (2004).
He has worked  with Jaz Coleman and Geordie Walker (Killing Joke) and  other great musicians and producers like John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch N.), Ted Parsons (Prong, Swans...), Mike Stern, Thomas Stiehler, Carrey Bell, Zdenek Sarka Dvorak, Derek Fevrier, Abdulah Gania, Eb Davis, Alexander Shonert ...

- at the moment he dedicates himself to the further development of the recording studio and works on a project which includes the authentic material of Morocco ethnic music (gnaua) in combination with live electronic music and noise.