Music composer, producer and mixing engineer.

He scored music for feature films, TV movies, short movies and documentary films as well for theatre and dance performances. Notable achievements include a best feature film nomination for the movie 'In your dreams!', part of the Generation 14+ section at the 66th Berlinale festival, and the music for audiovisual dance performance Anticodes by Vaclav Havel performed by Laterna Magika throughout USA (Washington, Miami, NYC). He is the founding member of the band Khoiba, with whom he released during the years 2005-2008 two albums and two EP's. During this period the band performed in many European countries (Norway, Finland, France, Holland, Germany, Poland,..) Among other achievements, in 2005, Khoiba was selected as a supporting band for The Cure performance in Berlin and in 2007, Khoiba performed as a special guest for the German/Austrian shows of the British band IAMX. In 2011, Filip Misek released a solo album The bear is sleeping now under the moniker Dikolson. In 2013, the album was released in Japan, supported by live shows in Tokyo and Yokohama in the following year.


Feature films:


Restart (CZ, FI) drama, 2005 – dir. Julius Ševčík

Rozkos /Delight/ (CZ) drama, 2013 – dir. Jitka Rudolfová

Ani ve snu! /In your dreams!/ (CZ) romance, 2016 – dir. Petr Oukropec

Lichozrouti / The Oddsockeaters (CZ/SK) family, drama, 2016 - dir. Galina Miklinova



Documentary films:


České děti /Czech Children/ (CZ), 2012 - dir. Karel Strachota

1989 – Z deníku Ivany A. (CZ), 2014 – dir. Karel Strachota



TV movies, series:


Lehká jako dech (CZ), drama, 2013 – dir. Vít Olmer

Nevinné lži (CZ), drama, 2013 – dir. Jitka Rudolfová

S nadějí i bez ní (CZ), drama, 2014 – dir. Lenka Wimmerová



Short films:


Trickster (2002), Stop (2002), Day of the dragon (2009), Jesus Krizstina (2016)




Theatre and dance performances:


Lháři (2013) - J.K.Tyl Theatre Pilsen

Boys&Girls (2013) – Archa Theatre

The condition of disappearance (2013) – Prague Chamber Ballet

Hráč (2014) - J.K.Tyl Theatre Pilsen

Anticodes (2014) – Prague National Theatre, Laterna Magika

Amerika (2014) - J.K.Tyl Theatre Pilsen

Guide (2015) – Ponec Theatre

Svihla (2016) - Ponec Theatre